CIDLY Technology

Leading the way ahead.

Go green,go LED Grow Light

CIDLY Designs It

We strive to achieve easy operation and
easy maintainance of our products by all our
intelligent designs,you will find out our
consideration is thoroughly from outside to
inside of the products.

Sophisticated Technology

in Plant Growth

Plants are hungry for the rays that
are helpful in their growth,thereby,
we devote ourself inresearching all
those essential spectrums in plant
photosynthesis,click to see what we
have found out here.

Perfect in Workmanship

CIDLY is proud to make a quality light
inside and out.We choose the best quality
meterial and producing lights at a very high
speed with the help of our efficient assembly
line.We offer the custom service which is
suited to meet your needs.

Technical Detection

CIDLY has got all the superior equipments
and technics that are needed to create the
best LED Grow Light;Besides, we are glad
to offer independent third-party product testing
regarding lighting application.