Worldwide Warranty Policy and Limitations

CIDLY values your business and always attempts to provide you the very best of service.

· Warranty Policy

CIDLY products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a three year period from your purchase date. During the warranty period, CIDLY will, at its option, repair or replace products that prove to be defective. For equipment under warranty, the owner is free from shipping freight and all related customs, taxes, tariffs, etc.

· Return Material Authorization (RMA)

No Product may be returned directly to CIDLY without first contacting CIDLY for a RMA number. An unauthorized return, i.e. one for which an RMA number has not been issued, will be returned to sender at sender's expense. All equipment returned for warranty repair must have a valid RMA number issued prior to return and be marked clearly on the return packaging.

· Limitations of Warranty

  • No limited warranty is provided by CIDLY unless the product was purchased from us.

  • CIDLY warranty does not cover products which have been received improperly packaged, altered, or physically damaged.

  • The warranty does not apply to any product that has been dismantled, altered or misused.

  • The warranty does not apply to any product or parts thereof where the serial number or the serial number of any of its parts has been altered, defaced, or removed.

  • The warranty does not cover the loss or damage due to acts of god.